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     2016 will be bringing some big changes to Iowa Weekly Racing. We will still be the place for the drivers to check the schedule of all the tracks and the payouts at many, these are most useful when your track has a night off and you want to find a place to race.
     Besides the regular information that we had in 2015 I will be witting complete stories about the tracks that I visit that week. If the cost is not to high ( this site and all the travail for it has been funded by myself) the stories will be in a blog section where comments and questions can be left at the end of the article.
     There will be a page where the readers can leave suggestions and ideas for stories, especially over the off season. If you hear something special is going on and you think other people would like to hear about it also, give some basic information on what they are doing and some contact info and I will check it out.
     One other thing I would like to try is a classified page. there would be no fee but if you sell your item and would like to make a donation to the site, that would be appreciated. This may not get up and running right away. One thing I do know is there will be some rules that not everyone will like. (SAMPLE RULES) Cars: full turnkey, full roller, full chassis, engines, transmissions, complete front or rear suspeneion. NO SMALL PARTS
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 All ads will contain at least 1 photo, the asking price, your user name, or real name and how you would like to be contacted.
Not yet running, hoping for mid January
 Adams County Speedway has announced the new race Steward and Assistants
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